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You're Andy Warhol, celebrated painter.
For years you've been trying to bring the evil CAMPBELLS SYNDICATE to justice. You've released portraits of every one of them to the public... And in retaliation they've kidnapped you.

Worst mistake they've ever made.

Fight like its 1993 in this doom inspired entry to the Paint Jam 2021.


  • Programming: Mike Daoust
  • Art, Music, Story: Josue Boisvert
  • Level Design, Bug Squashing: Jean-Francois Goulet
  • Midi track (Ode_To_My_Mushroom_Friend): Matthew Wylliamson
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnity
TagsDoom, FPS, paintjam, Retro
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

Download and play.
WASD, plus mouse.

Escape to skip cinematics.


Andy Wardoom Build 3.zip 26 MB
Andy Wardoom Build 4.zip 26 MB


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So I've found 2 ways to softlock yourself. First if you fall in the lava pit there is no way of getting out plus lava deals no damage to the player. Have the lava kill the player as a doom-esque game usually does for example.

Second using a keycard removes them from your inventory, which means you wont be able to open the key door again. So say if you open red key door and see 2 enemies charging you, naturally you would back off and in the process softlocking yourself, because the red key door closes on you.


What a wonderful entry! I love how you implemented the artstyle of Andy Warhol in the games artstyle!


Who are you? I'm Andy Wardoom 


Love it! :D


Build 4 fixes a music fix, but is teeeechnically submitted after the deadline by 2 minutes.